Sunday, 1 February 2015

polka dot paradise

Hi readers. It’s been a while hasn't it? I’ve been enjoying 10 days off work and spent the first weekend mainly browsing Pinterest in my jammies. Whilst I did, the decorating bug set in. We just rearranged our furniture in the bedroom which meant it felt much nicer and had more space and was dying for some attention. Pinterest is full of amazing pictures of decor that made me want to redecorate the entire flat but I settled on the bedroom. Originally the walls were pure white, which is good for taking photographs but too much at times. I ordered some gold polka dot decals from here after seeing this image. Next, I filled my shopping basket up with Primark goodies. The blue frame and both canvas are from Primark and were inexpensive. The candle is also from Primark and the adorable notebook from Tkmaxx. After this, I collected the white A4 frames from Ikea, and filled them with prints from Etsy, here and here. I’ve been loving Kate Spade recently (haul, anyone)? I think the gold accents in the room channel this nicely. The iMac is also a new purchase and I adore it so far… still a bit of a newbie though! The bedding is actually from Morrison's which amazed me, plus it only cost £12 for a king size! Bonus. This entire project has meant I adore our bedroom right now, I can’t wait to add some more details to it.

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